Monday, April 9, 2012

Just ignore all this present tense

My kid sister just got married.

That's right, my little sis,  Kee-Kat.

Let me stress the whole, "she is younger than me" part in the sentence.

This blog is my sense of honesty and record.  So I must say that for some time, I felt it odd that she made such a decision so early.

And no.  I do not doubt her love for her new husband, their new bond and their promises made to each other.  

And no.  I am not completely turned off to the idea of marriage as some might think.

Perhaps I question the simplicity of age and commitments.  

It is fair to state that the younger soul has so much to see, observe, and experience before making lifelong commitments.  Being her sister and maid of honor, I helped her into that too-perfect white dress, watched her fix that spiteful veil and I complied to all of her impetuous tasks.  Until finally, I watched her state before God, family, and friends of her new tie to another person.  

The next few days I mulled it all over in my mind and came away with more questions than answers...

But then I flew back to San Francisco and forgot the whole thing.

It wasn't until later, when I was working on an assignment and found this old photograph did I happen to think again about youth and marriage.

These are my grandparents at their wedding.  They where married young.  As in, younger than twenty.  Certainly younger than my sister and her husband.  And for no other reason other than knowing that fact, I now feel satisfied and OK knowing that my sister is married at her young age.

I suppose I forgot that many couples have made these kinds of decisions.  And they've made them at all different walks of life.  It is not up to anyone to make these kinds of decisions for them.  We all do what we feel is right. 

And that is good enough for me.