Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Cleaning

A new image for the Jacket series.  Be careful where you clean!

I've had a great week.  So much exciting and good news.  For one thing, I just purchased my tickets back home this coming January.  I can't wait to go home because my newest niece/nephew is due at that time and I'll be there to meet him/her!  And while I'm in the area, I'm going to take a seminar at the George Eastman House on alternative processes.  Mark Osterman is giving a workshop on physautotypes and I.  CAN.  NOT. WAIT!

The exhibit that my piece is showing at opened this past Thursday.  That in itself was great news, since I found out that the gallery was without power and in a flooding zone from Hurricane Sandy a couple weeks ago.  But somehow they were able to get it together in less than a week's time and two days after the opening, I found out that someone wanted to purchase my piece!  Hurray!  I am completely surprised, happy and humbled.

Is it odd that I feel anxious from all this good news?  Too many good things and I keep waiting for the catch or fall!  I realize that sounds superstitious and crazy... just trying to keep it all in stride.  :)

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