Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two new artist books

Over the weekend, I started to create two new artist books and I just finished them last night.  I printed "The Jacket" series and "Another Me" in tintypes.  The tintype series is printed on smaller 8"x8" handmade paper.  I bought the paper as a part of a book making kit.  It originally came pre-bound as a book block.  I ended up just deconstructing the book block and printing each page individually from my printer.  The deckle-edge was what caught my eye and I found that it lent itself nicely to the tintype aesthetic.  The inner pages are of handmade paper as well.  After the prints were made, I hand-bound the book again and cased it utilizing the same wine red bookcloth that I originally made my "Another Me" series in.

The second artist book was easier to make since I've made a few like it in the past.  I bought Canson Etching Rag this time and was very pleased with the printing results.  (Last time I bought Hahnemuhle watercolor artist inkjet paper and I found that the ink would smear after some time.)  I found some retro-y inner pages and an old burnt orange book cloth for the cover.

Both books are clean and very seamless.  I can't wait to show them off at SPE!

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  1. Erin, Jeff Curto pointed me in your direction - I'm so sorry I missed seeing your books at SPE - they are beautiful!