Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday weekend

Thom turned 25 this past Friday and that meant only two vital things:

1.  Rent a car!
2.  Get out of here!

We took two trips down South this weekend.  On Saturday we drove to Santa Cruz and explored the boardwalk.  Today we ended up picking berries right outside of Santa Cruz (again!) off of Route 1.  Each day was super warm and we equally wore abundant amounts of sunscreen.  It was nice to just get out of the city and explore!

Saturday was just crazy at the boardwalk.  Warm weather must bring out the crowds.  It was fun to see the beach volley ball courts, the famous wooden roller coaster, and of course, the vintage carnival games.  (Milk bottle throw anyone?)  We shared a dole whip and later headed towards Mountain View to meet up with a friend and eat awesome Mexican food.

Today we drove down Route 1, which runs along the California coast.  The views were picturesque and it seemed that the weather couldn't make up its mind.  At one point, the weather would be 65 degrees with windy fog and then 2 miles later, it would be 80 degrees with the sun shining.  This would happen the whole way down and thankfully, our destination happened to end up in a warm area.  But regardless of the weather, there were a lot of people at the beaches along the way.

All the images below were taken with my newest camera/toy:  The Fuji INSTAX 210 camera.

And Connor says meow!

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