Sunday, February 9, 2014


 Each week in my portrait class that I'm currently teaching, I try and take a portrait of my students.  Try, being the optimal word here.  Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.  Sometimes we don't have time or someone is absent.  Sometimes they refuse over the idea of an 8am portrait but sometimes they cheese-out in front of the camera.  More over than not, I find that they get more involved and interested as each new week emerges.  Last time I took simple portraits using my Fuji Instax.  We utilized the classroom white board and I asked them to define themselves in one word. 

This week the theme was "emulation" and together we all focused on Martin Schoeller's portraits.  We broke down his ideas and aesthetics behind the signature style and then recreated it in studio.  We discussed the importance behind posing and composition.  I had them think about Schoeller's interest in the eyes and why they were so piercing.  My students get very involved and I feel lucky that I can share these images here.

This week is midterms and I'm excited to see their projects and own work!

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