Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More class portraits

More class portraits to share here.  The first set was from a few weeks ago and they were taken just after my students all had midterms.  You can visually see the shared relief in those portraits.  We were outside discussing various lighting situations [as you do] when I asked each of them to let me take their portrait by their car.  I think that Mary Ellen Mark came to mind when I took these images...

The second set of images comes from my new love of True Detective.  That opening sequence!  Amazing!!  I've seen double exposures floating around the internet for a while and it was fun to make these, I admit.  They were easy enough to put together and all the images I had taken already from previous trips and shoots.  This week we will be discussing the ever expanding definition of what a portrait can and cannot display.  Strong relationships of people to place seem to overtake this subject.  Can the environment tell more of a person?  Can a person tell more of the environment?  When put together, do either hide or reveal a person?

This week, I'm excited to see what my students came up with after our environmental field trip last Wednesday.  I really want to display their work in the halls since it seems to excite them a bit more about my 8am class.  We shall see!

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