Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost the end of 2009...and only three posts??!

It seemed a bit fitting to write down some sentiments before the end of the year 2009.  And for me, 2009 was quite a journey.  Getting rejection letters, graduating from college, figuring out a photo job, not freaking out about money, finding said job and of course, graduate school soul searching yet again...it was a full year.  I rarely have any regrets and summing up this year of failures and successes, I would have to say the same.  No regrets.  I really do believe that every action has a deeper meaning and a significant part in our lives regardless of how we feel about them at that time.  "If it weren't for this...then that" and so on and so forth.

So bring on 2010 because I truly believe that it can only get better with deeper wisdom and understanding that 2009 graced me with.

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