Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fake Geese reinvent my love of photography!

Really it all started from a boring day at work.  One of the merchandisers gave me some new products to shoot -a bunch of fake geese and birds.  And as a joke to my fellow employees, I took the birds, set them up in the studio, created a card scene with me in it and took the shot.  The response was tremendous.  And now, something that started as a joke, has now become inspiration to a series on fake geese interacting in real  life situations. 

Now, I will stop here and add that I'm not going to hope that this series will spark a media revelation and I'll be thrown forward in the photography world as a new Crewdson but it's a nice thought.  And I am having fun with it.  Sometimes thinking of new images in my head makes me want to go to work, create new images and start a new view point from my eye to the camera as an image.  That's probably why I love photography.  :-)

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