Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Survival of the fittest

Courtesy of Engadget.com
Today, I just found out that one of my favorite TV series' finale, House, is being shot solely with the Canon 5D Mark II camera!  [Thanks Thom for sending the article to me.]  Not only does this excite my inner photo nerd but also the fact that these cameras will start to be taken seriously now in the video realm. 

Presently, the video capabilities on some of Canon's higher end models are mostly used for many indie short films, commercial shots and/or short films.  It's a mark that has been quietly made but nothing ever as massive like a big motion picture or nationally acclaimed TV series.

Like digital cameras swiftly taking over film, I believe that hybrid cameras/video cameras will begin to make themselves known in the video category competitively and very soon.  Honestly, who didn't see Canon and Nikon jumping on another opportunity like this?  Just knowing a little bit about videography, you would know that the video cameras themselves are worth thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Whereas a digital camera with video capabilities can be a lot more affordable and presently, boasting the same high image quality as leading video camera competitors.

Where one critic put it, it's common sense.  A Canon 5D Mark II with an L series lens would range anywhere between, $4000-7000, whereas a professional video camera would start at, $80,000+, body alone!  And the clincher here is that both equally hold high definition capabilities and amazing image quality.  And because of the state of the economy, there are now smaller production budgets.  Smaller production budgets take into consideration affordability along with quality.  It's no wonder that big shows like SNL are now relying on the 5D Mark II.

Hopefully we'll see more great things to come with Canon and their exceptional image output capabilities both with still photography and motion picture.

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