Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flash Forward to the Present

It's been a while since I last gave a nice hearty blog post on recent events and it's not like there has been a lack of events either.  In fact, there's just been too many to keep up lately with work, wedding editing, events to go to, graduations to attend, etc, etc. 

To sum up a few of the recent past events, I'll just say that life is busy.  Wedding season has officially started and apparently one must approach it like a swimming pool on a hot day...you just jump in.  [I'm not one for very creative metaphors, just lame ones.  ;-) ] 

Seriously though, I don't think there is any way to fully prepare for wedding season except to just do it.  There's no practicing, no second chances or take backs.  If anything, you must be constantly aware of all those little moments that just past by in a single day.  Besides that kind of pressure, wedding season is fun!  Shinay and I really enjoy getting those shots that we just have to run home, download and edit RIGHT AWAY.  (Admit it all you wedding photographers, you know you do the same!)  We've been fortunate enough to get great clients that are all easy going too.  Things have been so chaotic that Shinay and I created our new wedding blog on all our recent wedding and engagement work.  So if I'm not blogging here, I certainty will be there.

Another event that's been happening lately and actually just ended, was the Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York.  The weather's been amazingly warm this year so the lilacs were in full bloom for the festival.  Thom and I ventured down a couple of times to Highland Park and strolled around the flowers trying not to run into anyone too.  (It was very busy each time we went)  Shamefully though, I'd have to say each time we went wasn't merely for the pretty flowers, but for the tasty carnival food.  I'm a sucker for a funnel cake any day of the year...so this past weekend was no exception.

Finally, this past Saturday, Thom graduated from RIT!  I'm very proud of him and his mighty high list of accomplishments.  His family and mine got together for a brunch that morning.  It was weird to be on the other side watching the ceremony, instead of participating.  [I graduated last year]  Another oddness was the fact that last year when I graduated, Thom left the next day for Italy and I ran a half marathon.  This year, we slept in until about 1pm or so...big changes.

All in all, life seems to just speed up faster and faster and I have to say that I wouldn't have it any other way!  

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