Sunday, March 13, 2011

An abundance of books and linen

Do you ever begin some project that you've got your heart set out to do but then find yourself side tracked with other projects along the way? 

I do, I have and I probably always will.  It seems that when I get one major project started, I find myself adding a few along the way, you know, in case I get bored...or something like that.  A lady at Britex once told me that she currently had ten sewing projects going on at once!  I'm not sure my obsessive organizing/juggling abilities would allow such a thing to happen but as of now, I do currently have three projects going on at once.  My hexi quilt.  A knitted cowl.  And now a linen quilt.

I realized that I needed to add two more rows in my hexi quilt in order to fit a queen sized bed properly, so I had to go to Britex and find the same consistent white linen to add.  (It was the only fabric that I ran short of since it happens to dominate more of the surface area.)  While there, I found myself lusting after fabric once again, this time the linens.  Perhaps it's just pattern overload with the hexi quilt but I needed to look at something simple, plain and classic.  So I ended up buying half yards of a wonderful army green and mustard yellow.  Along with a yard of the lightest soft gray that I've ever seen and again, the classic white.  Something about linen makes any project turn more rustic and less contemporary.  (Meaning, less anti-pattern/graphics)

I also have been checking out books from the library for inspiration and reference.  I've been looking at a lot of colors and pattern, avant garde design and Japanese modern art.  The clean and striking lines make such a simple and wonderful contrasting composition.  I keep thinking about it all in terms of quilts and how the lines would match up and be sewn.  Blogs like Rossie Blog and Vintage Modern Quilts make me think it all possible.

O the endless possibilities.

Here's my rolled up knitting progress on a herringbone cowl.  I found a wonderful post from the Purl Bee and happened to find a wonderful knitting store downtown, called Art Fibers.  They hand dye and weave their yarn and Roxanne[the owner] was so friendly and helpful in my search.  I love this blue yarn because it reminds me of fish scales and the different hues of blue that seem to shimmer.

Japanese inspired modern art.

A book on color and patterns.  This one I bought from SFMOMA for future reference.

A book on Avant Garde lettering.

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