Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Caught in a summer storm

A new image that I'm adding to my untitled series.  I haven't figured out a proper name for the series yet, so for I've nicknamed it, The Jacket Series.  And again, it's based off of the idea of a childhood imaginary friend.  My Frosty the Snowman.  In this case, a man's jacket come to life.  (See my other images here!)

I actually did shoot this in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon.  The storm came suddenly and without much warning.  So I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and threw on the brown dress.  I proceeded out in my parents backyard and promptly began running around in circles, throwing that jacket in the air, while trying to make it seem that I was trying to get out of the rain...

Yes, I am that crazy.

I can only imagine what my neighbors thought.  Look dear, that strange girl is outside running around in circles, throwing something in the strange she is!

Beyond my crazy antics, I did end up getting the shot I wanted.  For this series, I thought it would be interesting to play off the idea of what we associate with our coats and jackets.  I think how they keep us warm and dry from the outside elements.  I always picture how people hunch over, burying their necks deep in that jacket and trudge along, trying to find dry shelter from the wet.

Now imagine that when a jacket can fly!

Anyway, today is the fourth of July.  And that mainly just means that it's my nephew's 3rd birthday.  That child will grow up thinking that those fireworks they shoot off are especially for him!

Happy birthday Oliver and Happy Fourth everyone!

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