Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A fogged mirror

Two new images for the Jacket series.  This time indoors, a bathroom.  My idea was to create a steamy bathroom scene where the Jacket wipes away the fog on the bathroom mirror.  I think that the first of the two images is more successful based on toning alone.  There are more muted brown tones in the first image that mimics that garish yellow tungsten light that is universally found in all bathrooms.

Here's a quick look at the digital to gain a better idea of the lighting.

I actually like the colored digital images for everything that it reveals regarding the color.  But when I look back at the Cyanotypes, I become conflicted.  With them, I really like the softer details and more sketched out look.  Decisions, decisions...

These images are also my first verticals in the series.  I am unsure what exactly this means just yet for the rest of the imagery since all my previous Jacket photographs have been horizontal.  I do know that when I came up with this shot, I had only thought of it in a vertical format.  We shall see...

(Technical notes:  Canson Sketch 65lb Paper.  Black tea toned Cyanotype)

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