Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play it once Sam. For old time's sake.

As an artist, sometimes it is hard for me to look at another artist's works and want their pieces to hang on my wall.  To me, paintings and art pieces have always belonged in a museum or doctor's office of some kind.  I suppose I have never felt any connection with the art in a way where I would want to showcase it for others to see.  And like what happens to be in your car right now, art work on your walls really do reflect who a person is, what they like and what they find visually pleasing to them.  And so, since the very first time I hammered a nail in a wall, I've only hung my own art and photographs.

Lately, I've developed an interest in graphic art.  Specifically, minimalist and illustrative graphic art.  I like the simple lines and colors that balance the whole piece.  It's almost like a "no muss, no fuss" kind of feel with the art; you're given the basic elements and then you can fill in the rest, any way you choose to.  So when I stumbled upon the graphical art of Claudia Varosio, I was instantly in love.  Not only was the art work simple and graphic but the colors were lovely shades of tangerine reds, seaweed greens, muted grays and my ULTIMATE favorite color, mustard yellow!  And if I weren't convinced right there, I found that all of her graphic art pieces are actually movie posters of famous films that are forever classics.

Color, graphic design and love of movies? What could really be better?!  Ms. Varosio is based in the UK and I recently purchased three of her pieces to hang on my walls from three of my favorite movies.  I cannot wait for them to get here.  Below are the three pieces that I had purchased, along with a few other favorites.  If you are interested in purchasing your own Varosio pieces, check out her etsy shop here.

Artwork by Claudia Varosio

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