Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding work revised

Typically I choose to post most of my wedding work on my other blog,  There, you'll find a lot of my most recent wedding and engagement works.  Sometimes posting there can limit me to stick with the style and type of editing that Shinay and I had chosen to represent our Something Blue Photography look because for now, we'd like to stick to a consistent theme.  But that doesn't stop me from trying out new ways to edit my images and transform them into a different kind of style and romance, especially dealing with wedding photography. 

Recently, Shinay had posted her cousin's wedding on  We finally edited those images and are in the process of creating her wedding album but I took a few of the images and created some diptychs edited in a different style from what we usually post.  Below are a few of those diptychs.  Thoughts?  Ideas? 

I found a lot of the images from that day held an old romantic and traditional look, so I really wanted that kind of feel to be emphasized.  

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