Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy one year and a new start to Mistakes & Malarkey!

So to celebrate my 1 year of blogging, I'm o-so-excited to announce that my blog has moved and can now be found here at its brand-new and very own Blogspot home called Mistakes & Malarkey

All new posting [and old] can now be found here.  Everything is a bit more navigable and seamless.  Eventually, the old face and site of will be no more and all of Erin Rademacher Photography will direct automatically here as well.  Eventually though.  Trust me when I say that it was hard enough to transition all my posts over.  Which is probably why there hasn't been a single post for awhile!

So no more using any third party sites, like Weebly to do my blog posting.  (Weebly's great for the complete computer illiterate [like how I used to be] but now, I'm semi-confident navigating my way along the inter-webs)

So please, update any old bookmarks [Mom] to my new site or just subscribe, found on the right hand side!

For those that read via Facebook, you'll definitely have to subscribe now since I cannot stream my posts directly to FB anymore. 

Hope you all like and enjoy the new ride!



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