Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jay Leno loves my photography

Probably not.

But this past Monday, on the Tonight Show, Jay brought up Home Trends in his "Headlines" segment.  Specifically, a photo I took was shown!  You can view the segment here or at  Our mention is at about 2 minutes in. 

The photo is a portrait of a co-worker that posed wearing a leopard-print shower cap.  Trust me when I say that NO ONE could ever look good in this shower cap.  So I'm not so surprised that our product was shown on the show.  Such shapeless products like this are hard to shoot and everyone here at Home Trends tends to lose the reality of the product and how comical it is.  We're just concerned mostly with getting a decent photo, making our deadlines and trying to sell a product!  So it was nice to see someone poking fun at us, the product and of course, the photo.

Thanks Jay.

Below is the image that was shown on that night.

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  1. I saw that on the show... thats too cool!