Friday, October 8, 2010

Early October happenings

A lot has happened this past week or so in October and late September.  And I find myself so aware of time passing simply because it's fall.  Fall is the visual indicator of time passing.  Passing through the colors of the leaves, gradual chill in the air and wonderful earthy smells of apples, pumpkins and spices.  I looooooove fall.

I've successfully completed my series on beauty.  You can view those images on through my flickr set.  Please leave me some more feedback if you have any.  I've been enjoying hearing opinions, advice and feedback outside of school.

My sewing has improved greatly since my first and second dresses.  I achieved my goal of trying a vintage dress sewing pattern.  It was funny to see the really outdated illustrations on the front of the packaging and then my sewing outcome.  I'm in love with the fit and the fabric.  Although, I don't find buying the materials vs. buying a store bought dress to be the significant price difference as I originally thought.  Does anyone happen to know of a discount fabric store online?  Or perhaps in the Rochester area?  The few yards sales that I've gone to have been very hit or miss when finding choice fabrics and my usual source of fabric has just been a local Joann Fabrics store.

Finally, I've been making a greater effort to challenge my lighting skills.  I recently submitted a photo of mine in a contest on women, beauty and body image.  I came up with the idea of visual tools and products that women use as negative criticisms on their body image and placing them all in a trash bin with the statement saying above it, "Take out the trash."  [Thanks Kyra, my copywriter genius-extraordinaire]
It's simple and to the point...

What made it so hard was the fact that I chose to shoot black on black.  I like subtle lighting and making the outline prominent by hints of a highlight.  Black, like white, takes away the background and gives your foreground immediate attention.  All-in-all, I like it.

Some much more is going to happen this month, into November and then December!  And I really wish I could say just now but you'll just have to wait and see!  [A shameless way for you to check in on my blog for future posts!] 1 year anniversary of blogging is coming up in a couple of weeks and I have a really, really big surprise on that coming soon! 

Stay tuned.  ;-)
"Attitude" A part of Beauty, 2010

From a 1992 Simplicity button up dress pattern

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