Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Come on in!

Front facade of the house.


Some photos of my new apartment.  I've had some instant film just wasting away in my refrigerator and decided to use it to take my house tour photos with.  Good thing too, since one box was already expired, chemicals leaking everywhere, a mess.  Instant film is both a great love and pain to work with.  I love to take a snapshot and peel back the film after it has developed.  Sadly, my Polaroid's bellows are starting to bow inward and they have begun to mask the edges of my film. 

A few photos are from this past weekend's potluck house warming party.  Thanks to all that made it.  It was very warm (mid-70's) and there was lots of food and fun.

This week is my thesis presentation... 
There has been a lot of hard work and preparation.  And yet I still feel nervous and unprepared.

So if you can, send some positive thoughts my way!


Front steps and pretty tile landing.

The front room with beautiful decorative fireplace and built-ins.  Not that you would know it since we blocked the fireplace with a T.V. 

Front bay windows
Friends at the party.

Other half of the front room, housing the keyboard.
Roommate, friends, myself.
Long hallway that Connor likes to run down.

An office/art studio space to sew, drawn, paint in.
Kitchen sink

Kitchen sink

Breakfast nook in kitchen.
Friends at party.
Some flowers, handbound work books, and a on-loan typewriter.
View out of bedroom.
Extra photo studio space and Connor.

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