Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A wedding in the mountains

This past weekend I traveled up to Crown Point, New York to photograph and attend the wedding of a photo college friend, Seth.  You would think that a fellow photographer would be just as crazy over photo details as the rest of us, but surprisingly enough, I found that the bride was the one scheming up the big ideas!  Thank goodness!  I feel that half of my photos taken should be credited to Cody.  :)  Such simple things to think of too, like hangers!  How many ugly plastic hangers have a photographed???  She thought of her "Thank-You" photo that incorporated a vintage car.  There were two sets of bouquets.  (One for the ceremony and one for throwing)  A homemade photobooth....  The list goes on!

But honestly, that is what makes good wedding photography good!  And I'm happy to oblige her and create beautiful photographs.

The weather was amazing the entire weekend and what's even better, my college roommates joined me for the festivities.  We all stayed at a beautiful Victorian house that served as a charming Bed & Breakfast with rooms next to each other.  It was basically a giant slumber party the entire weekend.  I had a great time catching up with the three gals I lived with not too long ago.  I miss them already!

But anyway, here are a few edits I wanted to show from that Saturday.  No particular order.  :)

Congrats to Seth and Cody!


  1. They are such a beautiful and creative couple! Great pictures, Erin!

  2. Awesome. Love the pic with them holding hands with the door between them.