Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grandview Park and the Mosaic stairway

Today Thom and I started the beginning of a new travel series!

After living in San Francisco for more than one year, there are still some places that we have yet to [shamefully] see.  (Coit Tower, China Town, Mount Davis, etc)  So I've put together a small list of doable day trips that we'll be trying to accomplish as one adventure each weekend.  Since most of the destinations are in the city and involves much ascension (hello hills!) , I felt it rightfully so to name our trips as "urban hikes".

So our first trip was to Grandview Park or otherwise known by the locals as Turtle Hill.  I have always noticed this hilltop as I drove my scooter along 19th Ave.  From a distance, you can see a set of stairs that wind their way up the peak.  I could only imagine the view from up there until today.

We decided to take the adventure on foot from our house, since we only live about a mile or so away.  It's crazy how quiet and peaceful it can get away from the noise and business of 19th Ave once you move a few blocks up.  Beyond my initial excitement to see something new, I knew this was a fortuitous adventure because halfway there, I found a $20 bill lying in the road!  I suppose we got paid to take a walk.  :D

Once we made it to Moraga and 16th Ave, we were looking at the base of the hill and another lovely eye-treasure to behold.  There, at the base of Moraga and 16th Ave is a beautiful set of mosaic stairs that make their way up the hill.  Well over 300 surrounding neighbors in the area put together the mosaic in 2005.  Of course, Thom and I took our obligatory photo at the base of the mosaics and slowly made our ascent upward.

Once we reached the top of Turtle Hill, we really could see much of San Francisco.  There was a lot of the Sunset neighborhood, Golden Gate Park, Outer Richmond, downtown and Twin Peaks right before us.  Right now, the Outside Lands Music Festival is happening at Golden Gate Park and we were able to listen fairly well when the wind picked up in our direction.

In all, a great trip, and worth seeing from up above!

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