Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Thesis Series

I've been posting on my thesis in bits but now I want to show them together.  It's a good reflection for me to see what I accomplished at home, in the summer heat.  So here it is in its progressive entirety.

My final thesis is working towards storytelling narratives involving Korean fables, self-portraiture and my interpretation of both.  I have found so much fantasy, mystery and intrigue surrounding these age-old stories and my self-portraiture acts as my visual involvement throughout each story.  Here are nine rough sketches that I foresee myself building upon.  There will be six more.

Though I feel nervous and even a bit superstitious, I will be posting each image again separately with a description/story about it each day.  I think that writing out my purpose and concept will strengthen my thesis defense come next summer.  I get a lot of questions surrounding the imagery I create since most of my viewers are all Westerners and/or unfamiliar with Korean fables.

Writing will also prove my visual progressive journey since most, if not all of these images posted below will be thrown out and changed over the course of a year.  (This is probably why I feel comfortable enough posting here.  I see them only as temporary.) they are.

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  1. I find these pictures very emotional. The concepts are compelling. Since, as you said, I am very unfamiliar with the Korean customs, fables etc. I look forward to the stories that will attached to these pictures to further my understanding of what I am seeing. I enjoy your work immensely. You are quite talented and creative.