Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Red Bag

Now that I am home, I have decided to take advantage of the snow.  Though I really can only stand about an hour outside in that thin little hanbok, I find that I have become quite efficient in planning everything out beforehand.

Personally, I like this image digital.  I can't really see it as a gum print.  So until I do, I don't really see this image in the series but again, the truth remains to be seen!  I have decided to include a small excerpt from where this image is based from: 

There once lived a young boy that would love to have stories told to him.  Every story he heard, he kept in a red bag so that they were all in one place.  Over the years the number of stories grew and the bag became heavy trying to keep them all in.  The bag was so full that the stories grew uncomfortable with lack of space.  This caused much anger and resentment from the neglected stories and they soon longed to seek revenge on the boy who was now a man.

The story goes on to tell a larger adventure of how they managed to escape but what I chose to focus on is the idea of holding onto bitter feelings, keeping them with you, and finally just letting them go.  I wanted to show weight of holding on to these negative feelings one can bear, so I used black stones to pour out of the bag.  The wintery scene creates a blank slate, an open mind and sense of acceptance.  The pine tree remains a symbol of hope and steadfast faith that has followed throughout the series.  And all of this ties back into my thesis and my feelings on my adoption.

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