Monday, January 6, 2014

New year, new post, new image

Why hello there...

It's been quite a while since I last blogged (Blogger says 4 months!) and I don't have much of a good excuse as to why I haven't been keeping up.  I suppose that life just happens outside of blogging...

Recently I went to go see David Hockney's exhibition at the de Young museum.  I was surprised to see Hockney's dedication to exploring a single subject continually, for a length of time.  Hockney specifically focused his attention on the famous "Sermon on the Mount" by Claude Lorrain.  The exhibition showcased his version of the painting in numerous variations and editions.  For such a common and well known idea, Hockney continued to explore and push the ideas of the painting, transforming it into something of his own.

Inspired by my recent gallery visit, I want to create a blend of the mundane and the extraordinary.  Specifically, I'm interested in the idea of ascension and transformation.  Where would it happen?  What is the reaction?  What do you leave behind?  I plan to continue this exploration and create a series of narratives based on this new idea.

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