Friday, January 10, 2014

Petzval lens for DSLR

Nearly six months ago I pined.  I longed.  I wished.  I waited...

I had stumbled upon the latest kickstarter lens project that had actually held my attention and made it's way straight to my heart.  The Petzval lens redeveloped to fit a DSLR camera system.  The project rooted itself deep in the same vein of old technologies mixing with new.  An idea and belief that I practice within my own art.  This project heralded back to "what once was" and yet seemed so cavalier.  The old with the new.   I love it.

And so, Thom surprised and gifted me the Petzval as my graduation present from receiving my masters.  The only catch was that I'd have to wait for production to get underway...actually far away in Russia, until the estimated ship date of early spring 2014.

Two weeks ago a package came for me in the mail.  And I flew home back to New York at the exact same time.  So again, I pined.  I longed.  I wished.  I waited.  Well my friends, the wait is over.  And it was Christmas all over again.  I was so excited about receiving this package that I can't even create a proper blog post or even write a decent review on the highly anticipated newly revolutionized Petzval lens for digital systems.  Blame my jet lag if you will. 

I did manage to shoot off a few tests around my apartment before the sun dropped.  Those I'll share here if only to admire that beautiful, swirly, creamy Petzval-renowned depth of field.

Don't worry, only after unpacking, a good long shower, hot meal and some decent sleep, will I go out this weekend, shoot and dutifully report.

You can read more on the lens here.

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