Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More works in progress

I've added two more images to my new set of personal work.  I changed a few things around technically to bring my point of view better conveyed through the imagery.  By cropping in, I find more focus on distortion which is my main goal in the project.  I debated over the .gifs and whether or not they gave too much information or not enough.  I was pretty set on wanting to show transformation from magazine ad to unreal imagery but again, I think I'll forgo the process and show the end results.  Sometimes too much information can hurt a project rather than help it.

I find color to be important too.  Color casts give a mood and feel.  In this case, I want these images to come across as alien and foreign.  They are something unreal and surreal.  Selective focus helps me achieve direction in the imagery and I think I'll keep that around too.  (If only for my beloved 45mm tilt-shift!)

Overall, I'm beginning to see more of my unrefined vision become something that is coming together and more complex each time I shoot.  AKA progress, horray for that one little word!

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