Sunday, January 9, 2011

Light my fire

So I haven't even been in San Francisco for a full week and already so much has happened or I've experienced/seen something.  It's all really overwhelming but I'm loving it all.  I'll have a proper post of my local surroundings sometime soon but for now, I must address the annual Ocean Beach Christmas Tree Burning.

The annual OBCTB is supposedly a local and illicit tradition where people gather and bring their used Christmas Trees down to the beach and light them on fire.  The police usually try and stop the burning from happening but many get through and make their way down to the beach to light up a few trees.  It's a pretty well known local thing around here and was even mentioned on a while back.

Thom and I were in the middle of putting together some furniture when we heard a loud group of people outside our window.  We looked out and saw them with Christmas Trees heading down the beach.  So, curiosity prevailed tiredness and we went out to see what was going on.  It was great to get out and shoot something spontaneous like this and man, did those trees burn up fast!

This just makes me even more excited to be living in this great city.

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