Friday, January 14, 2011

Marimekko inspired placemats

A quick DIY post on placemats.

I picked up a yard of some wonderful graphic blue/gray fabric from Ikea when Thom and I were in the process of buying a whole new set of furniture last week.  When I saw the fabric displayed at the store, I knew that I wanted to create something similar myself at home and making placemats is super easy for any sewer.  In this case, I also added some grip to the bottom of the mats from left over mat grip that we had purchased for under our living room area rug.

I figured that I wanted the mats to be 18"x14" with a 5/8" folding seam allowance on each side.  (Add 1.25" to total cutting amount) and cut them out from there.  I cut the rug grip at the proper size of 18"x14".

I then folded under the 5/8" allowance and pinned it to the rug grip.  Then I sewed all around the edges using a tuck/triangle fold at the corners.

Simple, quick and fun.  And it cost me less than $10.


  1. Those placements are gorgeous. They look like you purchased them from IKEA. Cannot wait to see what other projects you work on to decorate the new place!

  2. Well, technically she did. The inspiration, fabric, and rubber grip are all IKEA-born. But she cut and sewed them herself! :)