Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, new beginnings

Happy new 2011 year to you all! 

I haven't had anywhere near a chance to sit down and properly come up with something thought provoking and rich to start off my new years' blog post but I did want to post a photo.  So here it is.  To the left.  A photo booth-esque picture from last night's wedding reception.  Shinay and I had a marvelous year shooting weddings all over the East Coast and now that 2011 has started, we're excited to expand...westward of course.  And much like this candid and fun photo, we keep an optimistic and light view on our prospective business at heart.  There isn't any pressure of global wedding domination from either of us and we're both equally fine by that...

 It's super sensational to me that with this new year comes a new real adventure.  New grad school.  New surroundings.  New apartment.  New location.  New, new, new, new! 

Though I am very excited and optimistic, I do leave familiar surroundings with bittersweet emotions.  Life is ironic like that.  You figure that one day, you'll venture off and start something new and exciting and just forget that boring and simple past.  Yet you never fully realize the deep impact that it makes when you are ready to start that new adventure.  It really has hit me in a lot of small and big ways.

As for possible new years resoutions?  Meh...

Honestly I haven't given such superfluous ideas a thought.  I suppose it would be good of me to learn how to cook seafood properly...or loose my phone less...or remember birthdays more...

 You get the picture.  ;-)

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