Thursday, January 13, 2011

A look inside

So as promised, I've put together some images from my first week in San Francisco.  Most are just images around the apartment.  [Since this is where I have been, setting up furniture, organizing, cleaning like a crazy lady, etc]  But today I managed to get out [in the rain] and go downtown to see Thom and have lunch by the food trucks that meet at the UN Plaza.  Delicious.

The weather here can not make up its mind lately.  Sometimes it's sunny and nice and other times it's cloudy and rainy.  I guess that that is what the winters here are like.  I shouldn't complain since I hear it's about 19 degrees back home with tons of snow!

Honestly, it's been making me want to get out and run too.  I always feel inspired to run during the springtime in New York because of the balmy and temperate weather.  Weather here is like that.  It reminds me of high school spring track season; smelling like earth and wet track.  Now that we're settled in fairly well, I might just get out and do so.  :-)

Our Ikea couch TBA.  [To be assembled]

Our West facing window

My camera collection waiting for a shelf

Fabric bought for placemats

Our bedroom with new bedroom set.  [Connor is staring at himself in a full sized wall/closet mirror]

Shared dresser that apparently is made for ladies.


Second bedroom/office.  Thom working, Connor guarding.


New toaster oven

New coffee maker and grinder.  Baratza is where it's at!

Living room assembled

Side table

Sweet chair

Tv area

Trash, recycle and compost.  Yes New Yorkers, composting here is mandatory!

New spiffy bar stools

View out the window

View out the window at night

Looking at downtown San Francisco, heading back from Oakland

Food trucks at the UN Plaza

Thom and Connor I

Thom and Connor II

Thom and Connor III

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