Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday Sewing Success

Don't you hate it when you buy a piece of clothing and it just doesn't fit right and then you stuff it in the back of your closet and just forgettaboutit?  Or is that just me?  Might just be me...

The first piece is a shirt dress that I had purchased way back last fall.  I really liked the piece and wore it so much that the material is now very soft and fine instead of that starched feeling that a lot of button-up shirts have.  And occasionally I would tuck the whole bottom half of the dress in a pair of jeans and pretend it was just a shirt.  But ever since moving to San Francisco and riding around on a scooter, I just don't seem to have the desire or need to be wearing any restricted feeling t-shirt dresses.

So I ended up loping off the bottom half of the dress.

As for the second piece, I ended up buying a size larger to be safe.  Needless to say, that was just stupid and it just didn't fit.  (In my mind, I thought it would shrink after washing.  Apparently not.)  So I took some rough measurements of my waist and re-sewed the sides for a better fit.

Both fit great and I'm happy to have re-purposed each piece, so now I'll be sure to wear them!

As for sewing instructions, I recommend ironing the piece first.  Take measurements of your body.  Mark half the amount on each side of the piece.  Sew.  Try-on!  If it fits, then cut off any excess fabric.  Otherwise, remeasure and sew. 

 Goodluck!  I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.  :-D

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