Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Spanglish

The Spanglish.

More than just an Adam Sandler movie, a wonderful sandwich.  Crafted together by famous chef, Thomas Keller, this food is a masterpiece.  Combining fresh ingredients that play well together, you get a hearty, feel-good meal that has you taking any left over crusts to sop up the wonderful fried egg-y mess on your plate.  I rarely find myself growing emotional over my food but man alive!  That was one damn good sandwich.

I created my slightly customized Spanglish today for dinner and chose a crunchy sourdough over the famed pane de campagne.  I also chose a sharp cheddar over the mild Monterey Jack.  And oh!  Did I mention that I properly learned how to fry an egg?  Yeah, I know...overly excited about fried eggs but seriously, learning the proper way created the whole success of the sandwich.

You can find out more on the sandwich and recipe via The Kitchn.

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