Wednesday, July 6, 2011

As of late...


Simplicity is what I am gravitating towards lately.  
Whether it's in a song, a look or a place, I feel that with all that is happening right now, I just want to be in a clean space, with a good book and a hard drink in hand.

This can all be brought on by this summer's school semester.  It is probably the reason to blame for why I haven't posted in some time.  With half of my mind working towards an exhibit coming up this early August and the other half cramming for a history class, I can't seem to find enough time for blogging.  And trust me when I say that I now have a back log of things to post!

So while I am surrounded by current pressures, I still find things that interest me.  Things that also happen to follow a theme.  What a curious observation, no?  

Next time, I should observe what I gravitate towards when I'm not stressed out...probably time-lengthy projects.  :-P

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