Monday, September 19, 2011

Fort Funston

Sunday was awesome.  Weather in SF finally turned around and now, even us in the foggy Sunset neighborhood, were kickin back, and enjoying the sunshine.  Thom and I made an impromptu hike at Fort Funston.  Who knew that gorgeous views of the city were just a mile away from my apartment?  Although, it's easy to take any view around SF for granted.  It's either a bay view, ocean view, mountain view or gorgeous house view, everywhere!

While we were at the fort, we meandered off the beaten path and took in the coastal views.  I kept warning Thom of the edge of the cliff, because the drop off was quite severe and the coast here is notorious for its crumbling.  While we were walking around, we actually came across a small group of people near the edge of the cliffs watching some firemen and policemen working frantically, pulling ropes and yelling over walkies.  Turns out, a lady and her dog had actually fallen off the cliff!  Yikes. 

Without trying to end on such a downer note, the rescue crew were able to save her and her dog from below.  They were okay.  I'll definitely be keeping this in mind, the next time I go for a hike though.  STAY AWAY FROM THE CRUMBLY AND SANDY EDGE!

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