Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's September.


I can't believe that it is September first today.

What happened to the time?  What happened to this summer?  Better yet, where did August go?!

If you're like me, you're still thinking it's August 7th or something silly like that.  I can't seem to get over how fast time flies.

Anyway, I finally made it back to San Francisco after a full day of traveling from New York.  (With a small side step to Florida along the way.)  Oh, and a small side note.  When I packed for New York, I had brought two cameras.  After returning back to San Francisco, I some how had five!  I bought a Holga, 1930 Kodak Brownie and Canon Snappy.  Can't wait to show some pics soon.

Most of these photos in this post were taken since being home early Wednesday morning.  I did a lot of catching up with my favorite furry man, Connor.  I baked some delicious muffins and got a great meal together today.

The muffin recipe is based from Lara Ferroni's baked donut recipe found here.  I don't own a donut baking pan, so I opted out and made muffins instead.  I also was out of paper liners and just cut up some left over parchment paper to line the muffin tin.

The other photograph is a meal of open-cut ravioli with poached egg and wilted greens.  That amazing and delicious recipe can be found here, via The Kitchn.  The flavors of the bitter greens with the zesty brown lemon sauce and creamy egg blended well together.  I also like that the "ravioli" happened to be lasagna noodles cut up in thirds.  I never seem to finish off a whole box of lasagna noodles, and this was a perfect way to incorporate them.

Lastly, I was excited to hear that the crafty and creative people at Design *Sponge put together their first-ever summer edition newspaper.  I found out that they were distributing them out in Brooklyn and missed my opportunity while in New York two weeks ago.  Instead, I asked Thom to stop by the General Store and pick me up a copy to read when I got back to San Fran.  It is a great edition, full of interesting DIY projects and features some awesome people in San Francisco who just happen to live in my neighborhood!

I can't wait for this weekend to start (since it's Labor Day Weekend) and am so happy that tomorrow is Friday!  I hope that everyone has a great tomorrow and long weekend ahead.  :)

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