Thursday, December 20, 2012

Final Gum Prints

 Here's a look at the final prints that I made this semester for my thesis series, Another Me.  These gum prints took me further into my thesis than I expected and I came away with a deeper understanding and stronger concept.  These digital scans really don't do them justice since gum prints are a very tactile and textured printing process.  I really enjoy seeing the layers of color build up.  They create a new kind of mood and feeling far removed from digital prints.  Happy mistakes were common when printing and I fully embraced them.  As I've said before, they are a labor of love.


  1. Awesome imagery and prints.
    Kaden Kratzer

  2. The final print looks amazing! I bet with this kind of work, your grade for this subject was outstanding. Working with thesis project is certainly hard. But from the looks of your work, it was like having no effort at all. It was just beautiful and wonderful.