Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Jacket Series, Summer-Winter 2012

 Here is The Jacket series from the beginning in August, to this winter.  I shot this series to fulfill a self as subject class.  I had a lot of fun being able to explore and shoot more freely than my thesis allows.  I've said this before, I'll say it again, any side project outside of ones thesis work is so beneficial in many ways.  Not only did I have less restrictions than my thesis demanded but I also just started shooting without a plan, concept, or predestined execution.  Some people can't work this way and I find that I cannot do this with my thesis work.  When it comes to this series, I basically shoot on a whim.  It was great!  Whenever an idea or interesting place came to mind, I simply set up my tripod and began taking photos.

The biggest challenge I faced was sequencing.  These photographs are made to convey sentimental memories and my intent was to create adventures, not stories.  So, I ended up not sequencing!  Instead, I choose to salon-style hang these prints in a mixture of old and outdated frames.  (Many thanks to Kristina for that!)  I really enjoyed seeing them hung in a large grouping.  And so, I present The Jacket series below, in no particular order!

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