Sunday, February 7, 2010

Butterflies and Ice Rinks

Today, Shinay and I had the opportunity to shoot a newly engaged couple, Heather and Craig.  We had recently put out a call for any engaged couple in Rochester willing to pose for a winter photo session with us for free!  Fortunately Heather and Craig responded describing themselves as fun, energetic and very much in love.  There wasn't anything else that would have sold Shinay and I even further!  So we met up downtown and ventured around.  We made our way briskly to the Rochester Museum of Play and bought some tickets ($3.00 each) to enter the famous butterfly exhibit. 

Let me just say that entering a 81 degree glass house with winter coats and sweaters is just...impractical.  Shinay and I ended up juggling coats around with each other trying to get shots, not running into hyper children and/or killing any poor butterflies in the process.  It was quite an act.  But the photos came out great and we left a little sweaty but happy with the kind of photos we captured. 

Later we went back outside and walked over the ice rink.  Heather and Craig rented some skates while Shinay and I avoided some very friendly skating employees.  ;-)
But in all, it was fun and we really enjoyed meeting Heather and Craig.  Thanks guys!

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