Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The recent evolution of my camera

Canon 5D Mark II DSLR

Finally.  After semi-what patience, my dear, dear, dear Canon 5D Mark II came to me, waiting all wrapped up on my front door step, as I got out of work yesterday evening.  It was as if the camera stork came to visit!  And it is quite lovely.  Having gone to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), I've been spoiled enough to have been able to rent out a 5D Mark II through RIT's camera and equipment cage throughout my college schooling. 

So now having left RIT, I've had to dust off my Canon 30D, now passed on to my parents, and had used that for studio and personal shots.  I'm not saying that I was "roughing it", but there was a clear difference in image quality between the two models.  And somewhere in-between the 30D and 5D, I made the stupid mistake of "upgrading" to a Canon 50D.  It was silly because I only owned that camera for a maximum of maybe four months?  I should have been more patient at that time in November and waited to just upgrade to the 5D a little while longer. 

But coulda, woulda, shoulda!  Now I'm here and the wait has paid off.  Today I went into the studio with great enthusiasm.  I really am a photo dork because I am literally drooling at the image quality and how great it really is.  Perhaps my only complaint with the 5D is the loud shutter?  But that's nothing to scoff about. 

I also tried an image comparison to further make my point on image quality.  Below here I photographed my bright green coffee travel mug by two different cameras, my Canon 5D Mark II and my work camera, a Nikon D70S.  I do realize there really shouldn't even be a comparison seeing that the Nikon D70S came out in 2005 and the 5D just came out in 2009 BUT I really just want to drive my point home that Canon is the best.  :-P  Joking.
I'm excited to see the HD video capabilities too, so expect to being hearing more of that to come in future posts.  Has anyone had a chance to try out the 1080p video capabilities?  I've heard mixed reviews on it so far.
Both images are taken with the same lighting set-up and with no post process editing.

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