Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Photoshop Craze

Now that the new year has gone well under way, I've started up teaching classes once again at Community Darkroom at the Genesee Center for the Arts.  And whenever a new session starts, I am always finding myself looking for new tutorials to teach, scouring blogs for the faint hints of CS5 news and more candidly, finding interesting articles on Photoshop manipulation.  The other day, the BF found me some great sites that show advertisements with horrible Photoshop work done.  It's quite fun to really look at an advertisement and see the mistake there.  Sometimes it takes a good long moment to really see the mistake.  I suppose that says something about society and how we accept certain fantasies as realities...but that's another Freudian post that I don't think I'll get into now.

Check out Photoshop Disasters for more fun here.

Or read more on Newsweek's article of Unattainable Beauty here.

Where's her leg?  A photo from the Burberry Ad Campaign 
Nice clipping path.  Cover for V Magazine

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