Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the name of Love

So it's February 14th.  A day supposedly dedicated in the name of love or some form of consumerism, whichever you choose.  Usually Valentines Day comes around so unannounced that I scarcely think of how to treat it.  What I mean to say is that I woke up this morning and it seemed no different from the previous.  I still got up and brushed my teeth.  Cupid wasn't clearly rapping on my door, standing there in a diaper with a bouquet of flowers and heart shaped box of chocolates.

I will admit that this year, Valentines Day has been on the brain.  I'm not sure if it's from the constant reminder at work, tv or my imagined Cupid poking his unruly arrows at me.  So a few weeks ahead of the date, I teased of presents and flowers.  A week before, I made reservations to a dinner so lavish it included wine, chocolates and five courses of preselected foods.  A couple days before, I went out and bought a lovely little dress that fails to meet the finger tip rule on length...and now that that day is here? 

Well I can say that it's noon, I'm on my couch and Thom and I just ate a couple of hotdogs for lunch.  I canceled the dinner plans and we both picked through a simple box of chocolates made locally in Rochester.  Tonight?  We'll make dinner together like we do most nights and perhaps we'll watch a movie.  But other than that?  Not much else...O!  Wait!  I might go downtown and return a pair of snowshoes...I know.  Romantic.

But really, as that Oh-so-familiar saying goes:  "It's the thought that counts".  And it's all that really matters, at least to us.  Sometimes there is a need to show love through generous gifts and presents and that really is OK.  I won't down that idea or complain how people fall under feelings of false love and relationships.  Because actions and efforts like those can really show how a person feels for another when they cannot use words.  And on the other side of things, sometimes just sitting together on the couch and catching up can be just as good and usually better.  There's a time and place for everything and chocolate can't really make things worse right? 

So perhaps this V Day was more of a fine balance between a natural kind of easy going-ness and formality.  Either way, I don't really mind and tomorrow I'll wake up with the same feelings as I did today and still get up and brush my teeth.  I guess what I'm saying is that recognizing how someone feels for another isn't such a mushy-lovey-dovey thing that people make Valentines Day out to be.  If meant genuinely from a true place of the heart, then Valentines Day could be the day that helps surface those feelings in all kinds of ways, whether it be with flowers and chocolates or just sitting together watching tv.
My silly attempt at making pink pancakes

Andies Chocolates, made locally and sooo good!

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