Friday, September 3, 2010

Slide Film Lamp Shade, Part II

So over the past week, I've been able to "finish" up the rest of my slide film lamp.  To read up on the first part of my lamp shade check out my last posting. 

To recap, after I had drilled all the necessary holes in the slide film, I had to fix up the lamp shade structure and attach the slide film.  In all, I'm happy with the outcome of the lamp shade but I'm just looking to switch out the lamp itself since it's a bit too long and tall for the shade.  (I suppose you'll see in the pictures and decide for yourself.) 

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and I'm sure to find some great bargain lamp bases around Rochester!  And speaking about bargain finds, I'll have to do a post on my other recent miscellaneous projects and furniture that we purchased.  To be continued...

Here's what the structure looked like once we tore off the original generic lamp shade. The edges were rough and still had some glue stuck on.

To fix that, I bought some medium grade sandpaper and sanded the rough edges away. The sanding also helped to prepare the structure for painting too.

Thom decided that he wanted some part in my project and offered to sand down the frame.
Ta-Da! All smooth and clean.
Next we added a few coats of spray paint.

All finished and much, much better.

Next, I bought a few bags of craft jump rings and began to attach the slide film together with needle-nose pliers. Originally I think I only specified one pair but realized that I needed two in order to properly manipulate the jump rings. I attached 5 long rows of 11 slides and then attached the rows to each other from top to bottom.

I ended up migrating over to the TV since it was all pretty mindless work. But here you can see the rows that I created and later attached to each other.

And here is the final result!
A close up

Like I said before, I'm really happy with the outcome but perhaps not on this particular lamp base? The shade does look a bit dwarfed on the stand, don't you think? I'm still unsure but I have enjoyed just turning on the lamp and looking at the pictures!

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