Thursday, September 16, 2010

Untitled present works in progress

It's been a bit too long.  The wait has left me feeling disconnected and full of anxiety but as a lot of people say, you cannot rush art.  I haven't found a muse or inspiration in well over a year but who can really blame me for having other things on my mind, especially post-graduation and job searching/procuring.

But now the wait is over.  I've found my muse and it's wonderful to find myself once again lost and consumed in my personal work.  I miss it.  I miss the rush and the excitement to just create, create, create.  I miss being able to focus on something that is mine and not worry about other things.  It's even nicer to be out of college and away from it's influences.  I hated to create art then just because my peers were creating art in this or that certain way.  One feels that they too must try and do the same.  It was all overrated bullshit honestly but it's hard to break out of the cloudy haze of your peers, professors, environment and influences.

My current works are very much still in progress.  It's also hard to open up this early in the process and let others see the rawness of an unstructured idea.  For me, this is pivotal; as hard as it is to be honest and exposed for others to criticize, it's also beneficial for the progression of a project.

So here it is.  A project based on consumerism, beauty, society's opinions on beauty and my own criticism on the whole thing.  This is my reaction to the industry's standard of beauty.  I find too many times, of articles of misrepresented women photographed for beauty's sake.  I find it so thin, transparent and easily manipulated, much like a piece of paper and specifically a beauty ad found in a magazine.  I, as a woman and consumer, see this artificial ad.  I hold it in my hand, take a glance, flick the page, see another.  Repeat.  The industry thinks that they know beauty.  They think that they know what we want and how we want to be seen.  But their sly ploys of beauty are just these fragile pieces of printed paper.  Beyond just looking and admiring these 8.5x11 works of art, we also tear them apart, cut them out, bend them to our will and/or fold them.  And when you do so, you find these images of beauty become distorted.  They were only meant to be admired from a flat two dimensional perspective, never as a three dimensional observation or in real life for that matter!  So I mock these beauty ads and manipulate them to my will in three dimensional forms.  And from my camera, who can only reciprocate back as a two dimensional space, I found myself creating revised beauty ads.  They are once again thin, transparent, easily manipulated and more over, exposed.

So please help me out, give me some feed back.  Do you like?  Do you understand?  Ps- Those that happen to read my blog posts via my Facebook feed:  You won't be able to see my works unless you scroll down and click the "View Original Post" link that will send you directly to my blog!

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