Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Thom and I have a confession to make.  It's just started, we're hooked and we don't want to stop.  Because if you try and stop us, we might just become irrationally belligerent and rage upon you.  What I'm trying to say is that we've just recently started to juice.  Yes, we're juicers. 

But not the 'roid type.  We mean juicing fruits and vegetables in a positive and nutritious way.  Not only are we receiving our daily serving of f&v but also important vitamins and minerals that help you function in the most beneficial way possible.  Juicing allows you to absorb raw vitamins and minerals faster and easier since cooking usually destroys these essential nutrients.  You also receive many preventative health benefits that people start to swear that they have more energy, wake up earlier, notice clearer skin and shinier hair.  It's no wonder why research is showing new studies of the benefits of juicing against heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers, digestive issues, stress, weight loss, etc.

Though it is an acquired taste when it comes to the vegetable part, Thom and I are happily surprised to find that we like a little bit of broccoli with our apples and some carrots with our grapefruit.  We're still not too sure on celery...

Today we created a citrus, apple and carrot energizing drink that was o-so-tasty and inspired by this recipe here.  We switched up a few things and tweaked it to our own [which is the best way to juice,
experimenting].  Our recipe included, in order of juicing:

-6 small and peeled carrots
-4 quartered green apples
-2 peeled oranges
-1 large and peeled pink grapefruit

Juice, stir and enjoy.

Our juicer, a Breville, is a centrifuge juicer.  It spins so fast that it separates the fibrous parts from the juice into two containers on opposite sides of the juicer.  It does a nice job and though there are many parts to clean out, it helps to line the waste basket with a compostable bag.  Eventually we'll be adding some wheatgrass and lettuce that I'm growing organically.  Beyond the super health food aspects, the juicer does make one hell of a freshly juiced and frothy orange juice.  Cheers to that!

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