Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LIAD: Alamo Square

This past Sunday, Thom and I headed out of our sea-side apartment and journeyed into the city to see the famous Painted Ladies by Alamo Square Park.  The whole trip felt like it was right out of the Audrey Hepburn film, Roman Holiday.  We scooted through Golden Gate Park on the Vespa and man-o-man, let me say how incredibly huge that park really is.  If it takes you at least 10 minutes to just drive through the park, imagine strolling around the gardens and discovering the lakes.  I'll have to visit the Japanese Tea Garden and Museum.  They even have a carousel there.

When we finally arrived at Alamo Square Park, it was all I had hoped it would be.  Cute Edwardian houses, lovely park full of flowers and people lying around reading/picnic-ing/dog walking.  Seriously, it was straight out of the opening of Full House.  Thom and I soaked up the last bit of sunshine Sunday had to offer and reminesced on the good old Full House episodes.  O Danny Tanner.  O family issues resolved in a thirty minute time block.  O Full House Theme Song now stuck in my head on repeat... Damn it.

"...Everywhere you look, everywhere you go..."

Thom looking rugged in his new jacket.  No, I did not get a hair cut.

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