Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Recap

Many important things occurred during the year of 2011 and I thought that a look back is well deserved.  I realize that we are nearly a week into the new year but I really wanted to take the time and look hard at what 2011 brought me.  There were many exciting and new adventures, self-realizations and self-motivation. 

It's hard to find something more exciting to say about 2012 since I had really took the time to develop my passions in 2011.  Perhaps my only resolution this year is to appreciate more and stress less over all the little things. 

But oh my!  How time does fly...

January:  I first moved out West to San Francisco and was welcomed to a new life and culture.  Here is the annual Christmas tree burning at Ocean Beach.

February:  I started to create new projects and expand my sewing capabilities into quilting.

March:  March was the month of trying new things all the time!  From buying a juicer, to learning how to knit and to cooking fish, I tried to get my hands on all kinds of projects.

April:  I traveled.  I went and visited Muir Woods and new museums.  I began creating tutorials.

May:  I fell in love all over again with making dresses and was featured on BurdaStyle.  I created a fantastical photo series.

June:  I went home.  I savored the summer and time with family.  I finished my quilt.

July:  I ate a lot of new foods and tried my hand in the culinary world.

August:  I flew back to New York to shoot a wedding.  I made a profound self-realization and enjoyed the simple pleasures in life.

September:  I started my thesis.  I grew more in love with photography and created new and simple sewing projects.

October:  I continued to work on a friend's project.  School became more stressful.

November:  I began combining my two favorite passions: Photography and Sewing.

December:  I finished the semester, turned 24 and flew home to spend much needed time with friends and family.

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