Monday, January 9, 2012

Small changes

This past weekend I got my act together and took the time for a few loose side projects.  I dusted off my juicer and began that familiar New Year's resolution to eat better and get in shape thing.  We've been so fortunate here since the weather has been a lovely 65 degrees with bright sun each day.  Needless to say, many walks and sun bathing have been enjoyed thoroughly by human and cat alike.

Over Christmas break, I was casually gifted a small french press from my parents (somehow they had two!), and I am learning to savor a strong brewed coffee.  While in New York the temperatures had dropped to single digits.  I decided to teach myself to knit with double pointed needles and am making a pair of gloves.  I'm following this tutorial here and seem to have gotten over the initial intimidation of working with four needles.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'd have known of my current interest in letterpress.  After much research and way too much time on Etsy, I finally settled on one.  I just received my 2012 letterpress calendar from 1canoe2 and I absolutely love it!  The design, craftsmanship and of course, the little tree stump to place my months in surely won me over.  :D  (And yes, that is a rather large and gifted graphic novel compendium of the Walking Dead on my coffee table right by Grace Bonney's Design *Sponge.  What can I say?  I love zombie apocalypse stories...)

Finally, our guest room was turning into a "gather-all-dust" room and so we decided to sell the bed.  Now our second room is rightfully a functional workspace.  (Though, mostly for me...sorry Thom!)  I rearranged the desk and brought out my keyboard.  I went through A LOT of past photo work and decided to tape them on the wall as a visual affirmation.  I just couldn't see throwing away all those images when collectively they brought me much inspiration.  I made a clear defined area for working on photography and prints, and another area for sewing.  It's funny how you can rearrange furniture and see the room in a completely new way.

In all, I feel a lot more balanced and satisfied to have begun and finish those small projects.

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