Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beginning, ending, starting, losing...

These past few days have been filled with abnormal activity.

To begin with, I sold my car.  It took me a total of two days to do so.  From starting the research, finding a buyer, completing the necessary paper work and receiving a check, I was car-less!  Hell, I even deposited the check in the second day.

Though, I cannot say that parting was quite as easy.  It was silly actually.  Because the moment I shook hands with the buyer and promptly walked out the door with Thom, I turned the block, looked around bewildered and burst into tears.  (Ironically the exact same block I cried at when I fell off of the Vespa.)

I cannot, for the life of me, explain why reasonably.

I really held no emotional attachment to the car itself.  I was quite happy to get rid of it financially.  Living in the city for a year now had made Thom and I both see how silly it was to keep paying for a loan and insurance just to keep a car we rarely used!

It's hard to explain but I will try and just say this.  I have lived my whole life having the convenience and ease of getting around where and when I wanted to.  Losing that car was like losing that freedom and in way, grounding myself to one place for an indefinite amount of time.  That kind of thinking is completely scary and irrational for me, thus the sudden crying.

Secondly, Thom and I are moving out!  We're headed closer in the city (now without a car) and found a nice house that has LOTS of room to spread out in.  Lease begins in February, so for now, no pictures.  :(

During this month long semester break, I was able to finish knitting a pair of gloves...but do not seem to need them as I had previously thought?  (Thank you sunny San Francisco weather!)  I also finished a T-Shirt quilt for a running friend of mine.  I can't wait for her to get it.  K had sent me all the needed materials for this quilt six months ago, so I hope it turned out exactly how she envisioned it!

So, with my last week before school starts and apartment moving, I decided to take some R&R and try some improvisational quilting.  Not too sure where I am going with it but I have an idea.  (To share with you all later, in another post!)  I think it's the best kind of sewing when you needn't follow all the rules.  ;-)

Update:  Check out the beginning all the way through to the end of this T-Shirt Quilt!

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  1. I cut a few onions when I recently traded in my vehicle for a newer one. It happens.

    1. Nah. Although, it could have also been that random police officer with peper spray...