Sunday, January 8, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt: Part V

More progress on K's T-Shirt quilt.  This week I was able to piece the three layers of the quilt together; the bottom piece, batting and top piece.  This process involves a whole heck of a lot of ironing, space and basting pins.  K had sent me all the needed materials a while back, so I had to re-iron all the needed pieces again.

After ironing, I laid out the bottom piece, right side down on a clean surface and began measuring.  I usually take the dimensions of the top piece and add one foot to the length and width.  My top piece measured out roughly to 60"x80".  I then cut my bottom piece and batting to 72"x92".

After measuring and cutting out the bottom piece, I laid it out on a flat clean surface and taped it in place, nice and taunt.  (Don't stretch!)  I then placed the batting over the bottom piece and finally the top piece on that to create the quilt layers.
Once I was satisfied with the layers, I began to baste the quilt.  Basting is just a temporary way of holding the layers together.  This makes it easier to handle and quilt the piece before binding.  As you see, the last time I had used my basting pins, I carelessly threw them back into their they were all jumbled together.
Starting from the middle of the quilt and working my way out, I began basting all the layers together using the safety pins.  I smoothed out any bumps and kept the fabric taunt.

Once the quilt was basted, I rolled all the edges inwards and held them in place with additional safety pins.  (This was done more out of ease for quilting on my sewing machine.)

With this part of the piecing and basting completed, now all I need to do is sew the layers together aka, quilting!  It's funny to think that this is the true definition of quilting.  But when we mention the general act of making a quilt, people tend to think, "Oh, she's quilting!"

UPDATE:  Check out all this quilt's progress!

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