Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The sky's the limit

Shooting in a studio certainly has it's limits.  Besides being confined to a certain area, knowing that you're indoors, and working with what artificial light you have, can be very restricting.  And in the beginning, it can seem that way.  But once you know your resources, master them, open your mind to other possibilities, the studio turns into a blank canvas with the freedom to transform ideas into images fairly easily.  Yesterday was such a case.  Having to deal with very unique and themed products, the studio can look intimidating.  How can you show a hard to read product and introduce it's meaning besides a simple silhouette and white background seamless?

The answer is...visible cues.  To the average person and buyer, visible cues are just the information surrounding a product that make sense in being there and belonging.  To a graphic artist, photographer, art director, they're genius ideas relating to the product in making the whole image read easier, make sense to a viewer and ultimately, S E L L.

Using simple props and knowing how to emulate certain types of lighting, I was able to create such images.  And in post process, I simply color corrected and dropped in simple backgrounds/scenes.
Plant Shelf

Himalayan Salt Lamp

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